Meet the Team

Cassandra joined Team Bourque in the Spring of 2022 and has never looked back. Taking a slew of courses on the legal side of Real Estate, Cassandra is meticulous at crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. Cassandra has spent over 10 years serving and managing people, from her early days at popular Von’s Bistro to the Beer Store in Ottawa. But her real story comes from hard work and determination, an example of whom she found in her father, a great Home Renovator so it was only natural for Cassandra to end up in Real Estate. Cassandra looks forward to helping all of her friends and family with their Real Estate needs.

Meet Hawraa Daher, a passionate REALTOR®️ based in Ottawa, Ontario.

Hawraa’s work experience in Customer Service, Client Relations and as Account Manager at TD helped her realize that her true passion was people. She has now taken this passion and dedication to the Real Estate World, helping people find their dream homes. Hawraa goes above and beyond to ensure 100% client satisfaction. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, traveling, painting, and indulging in a good book. As a proud Mother of four beautiful children, Hawraa understands fully the trials and tribulations of finding the perfect home for families.

Meet Carley Arnone, REALTOR®️.

Yes, the one and the same, you probably recognize the name. Carley has a plethora of Friends and amazing experience in Customer Service and Client Relations with her 20+ years in the Hospitality Industry and then her 5+ plus years in Property Management. The one thing that Carley always knew, she wanted to take that experience of helping people to a higher level, hence Real estate, that and the fact that her Family has long been a part of Ottawa’s real estate world. Carley is Mother to her favorite human, her daughter Frankie who, when not working, you will find her with.

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